Thais Freitas

Storytelling & Communications Strategy


14 ways to keep your house cool without electricity

Summer hasn’t even officially begun and already we’re experiencing record-breaking heat waves and wildfires around the world. This is our new reality: we need to adapt to climate change without making it worse, and one way to do that is to cool our homes without electricity.

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Mother with two little boys in a forest full of yellow leaves in Quebec

2022: My year in review

2022 was tough – I’ve never felt so exhausted! But a lot of good things happened, too – with this 2022 Year in Review, I look back at what I learned in the year that’s ending and list my goals for 2023.

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Vintage drawing of a creepy boy eating canned beans

My son loves my food – oh, wait.

It seems like every parent on LinkedIn is sharing life lessons their enlightened children are teaching them, so I decided this was a good time to share what my offspring have taught me so far.

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