Thais Freitas

Communications Strategy & Storytelling

Hello! My name is Thais (Tah-ees) and I’m a communications strategist and storyteller in Canada.

I started journaling when I was six and was listening and telling stories long before I knew what storytelling was. So, when it came time to choose a career, I knew communication was the way to go. More than a decade later, I use my skills, experience, and quirkiness to help soulful organizations tell their stories and create meaningful connections — and love all about it!

Welcome to my online home! This site is where I post my work and connect with freelance clients, potential partners, and like-minded people. It’s also the digital garden where I plant my musings, experiences and things I learned.

Thais Freitas portrait Communications Canada


Thais Freitas and sons in Montreal in December 2021

2021: My year in review

Looking back is important to understand the present and plan for the future, so here’s my quick review of 2021 and my goals for 2022.

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Online petitions work!

I learned that online petitions really do work, and now I sign every single one I come across for causes I support. Here’s why.

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