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My name is Thais and I’m a copywriter, content marketer and storytelling enthusiast based in Canada.

I started journaling when I was six and was listening and telling stories way before I learned what storytelling was. So, when the time came to pick a career, I knew communications was the way to go. Over a decade later, I use my skills, experience, and quirkiness to help soulful businesses share their stories and create meaningful connections — and love all about it!

This site is where I share my work and connect with freelance clients, potential partners, and like-minded folks. It’s also the space to post my musings and professional and personal experiences.

Welcome to my online home! Pick one of my sides below and let’s get started:



19 Things I Learned in 2019

Some years are quite unremarkable: they go by in the blink of an eye and leave you feeling like you missed something. 2019 was exactly like that for me, a transition period when I focused on working full time, keeping my toddler alive and thriving, being a decent partner, building a new human being, and not losing my mind in the process.

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