Hi there! I’m a communications professional with 10+ years experience in communications strategy, content marketing and public relations. Creativity, adaptability and resourcefulness are my best traits, and I’m always looking for better ways to do things and purpose in all I do.

I like people and finding out what moves them. I want to know their stories, what makes their palms sweat with excitement, what they look forward to. Wild ideas, funny stuff, concerns about the future… I hear, I’m interested! Telling stories, empowering and connecting people were the reasons I built a career in communications and will always be my motivation. I use my passion for storytelling to help people and brands connect and love all about it!

Now that you know a little about me, welcome to my online home! Pick one of my sides and let’s connect!​

Interests & Causes


19 Things I Learned in 2019

Some years are quite unremarkable: they go by in the blink of an eye and leave you feeling like you missed something. 2019 was exactly like that for me, a transition period when I focused on working full time, keeping my toddler alive and thriving, being a decent partner, building a new human being, and not losing my mind in the process.

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10 Things I Loved in September 2019

September was a rough month for us, with Thiago working long hours to meet deadlines, Eli getting regular colds at daycare and myself extra busy at work as well. We didn’t have much time to relax and just enjoy the end of Summer and the wonderful beginning of Fall – my favourite time of the year – but everything worked out in the end.

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10 Things I Loved in August 2019

Inspiring, refreshing, remarkable and even magical things happen to us almost every day, even though we don’t always realize. I decided to keep track of these things to focus on the positive side of life and share my findings with other people who may be looking for inspiration or good news.

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