Thais Freitas

Communications Strategy & Storytelling


I moved to Canada from Brazil in 2015 lured by the mountains, the nature, and cooler temperatures. Yep, I know this sounds weird as I’m talking about Canada, but seriously, have you been to Rio de Janeiro in the summer? The heat is brutal!

After three years in Vancouver, my partner and I moved to New Westminster, BC, to start a family. Now we live with our two boys, our dog, and lots of plants in this welcoming community that showed me a new perspective on kindness and friendliness, and that I’m proud to call home.

I’m a multifaceted person with a wide range of interests, and I love learning, creating things, having ideas, and exploring new possibilities. I’ve developed the habit of taking random courses out of curiosity – the most recent was embroidery. It’s amazing how it makes me more creative, gives me the chance to meet interesting people I probably wouldn’t meet otherwise, rethink preconceptions and often discover new hobbies.

Random Facts About Myself

  • My favorite people in the world are my sons and Chica, our mischievous Boston Terrier. Being a mom turned out better than I expected, even though now I have to share every single thing I eat with permanently hungry kids.
  • According to the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, I’m an ENTP personality type. The description indeed has a lot to do with me, although I love (and need) to have my introverted moments from time to time.
  • I’m Brazilian but I can’t dance and won’t watch soccer for the life of me. However, I love the beach, the warmth of the people and the amusing way Brazilians stay positive and make fun of absolutely everything, no matter how dire the situation – I like to believe this is my own best personality trait as well.
  • I learned to write when I was six and have been journaling since: I have over 20 notebooks with my life and thoughts narrated in detail! I love reading what I wrote long ago and realizing that most things that pained me back then aren’t important now. It helps me put things in perspective, and when I’m anxious I always ask myself, “will this matter when I read about it in six months?” – it’s amazing how in 90% of the cases, it won’t.
  • I started the travel blog Viajadora with my childhood bestie in 2013, and it ended up morphing into a lifestyle blog where I write about motherhood and life as an immigrant in Canada. Check it out, it’s in Portuguese, but Google translator helps if you’re curious.
  • My biggest dream is to run an eco-village/permaculture hub/writing retreat/rescue animal centre in a lush paradise somewhere, preferably Costa Rica or the Hawaiian island of Kauai. I’d drink coconut water all day and thrive on helping people learn new skills and care for the environment.

My repertoire

Each of us is a mix of songs, books, movies, travels, things we believe, people we’ve met and the experiences we’ve had. That’s why I’m always looking to learn more, meet new people and experience new things. I love how something as simple as a conversation with a stranger or reading an article on a random site can trigger a chain of events that completely changes our life – like that Saturday years ago at Ipanema beach, when I felt such an awe reading Richard Louv’s “The Nature Principle” that I decided to change the course of my life and move to Canada.


Music is a big part of me: I have soundtracks for every moment and associate songs to feelings, places, people, and situations. I love going to concerts, and the best one I’ve ever attended was Rage Against the Machine playing at the SWU Festival – I’ll never forget the energy of 100k people jumping together to the sound of “Testify!” My favourite bands are Metallica, The Beatles and AC/DC, and the song is Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man,” which I sing to my son in hopes he’ll take as life advice.


 I’m always reading something, and many books have shaped me into who I am today. Here are some of them:

Traveling & Exploring

I love spontaneous travels and have visited many stunning places around the world. Some of my favourite places are the Garden Route, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Cuzco, La Paz, Bangkok, Ubud, Buenos Aires, Jalapão, Tofo, Ilha Grande, Bocas del Toro, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Chapada Diamantina, and Vermont – this list could go on, and there are still so many other places to visit!


I have lots of interests and like to chat about almost everything, but if you want to get me excitedly talking for hours, these are some of the topics in which I’m very interested:

  • Nature, ecology and sustainability
  • Personal anecdotes and stories
  • Haunted places and ghost stories
  • Cooking and food in general (Seriously, want to win my heart? Feed me!)
  • Dreams, goals and the meaning of life
  • Human Rights
  • Parenting (But not our kids’ sleep schedule and boring stuff like that – I’m interested in how to raise good humans!)
  • Why dogs are the best, and absolutely everything about your dog (even better if you have pictures!)
  • Entrepreneurship and business ideas
  • Mental health and everything related

Well, I know this may come as a surprise at this point (haha!), but I like to talk a lot and this list could go on forever. Please get in touch at if you’d like to chat more, or read my blog for my musings and stories.


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