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37 environmental newsletters I recommend

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Even though I get little panic attacks when I read the news about climate change and the environment, I need to know what’s going on in the world for my work and to be an active citizen. That’s why I read environmental news every day and recommend everyone to do the same.

If you feel overwhelmed by the amount of news available and the fact that not all of it is trustworthy, this list can be a helpful start. These are the newsletters I follow for environmental news – a list I constantly update as I come across new sources.

Environmental newsletters worth reading

A Better World Today – Yes! is a nonprofit magazine specializing in solutions journalism. The emails include links to articles on the environment, social justice, the economy, and other topics of interest. Sign up for emails from Yes!.

Attainable Sustainable – Practical tips for living more sustainably and simply by Kris Bordessa, a longtime gardener, certified Master Food Preserver, and award-winning book author. Sign up for Attainable Sustainable.

Boiling Point – The Los Angeles Times newsletter on environmental issues, focusing mostly on western North America. I like it for the detailed explanations of the issues. Sign up for Boiling Point.  

Breakthrough Energy – Bill Gates’ newsletter 🤨 for those who want to “go beyond the headlines and get deeper insights into the climate challenge we face and the solutions that will get us to zero”. Join the Breakthrough Energy community to receive the newsletters. 

Canary Media – Canary Media is a nonprofit climate newsroom focused on clean energy and solutions-based journalism. Sign up for Canary Media.  

Child in the City – Child in the City is an independent organization working to strengthen the position of children in cities, to promote and protect their rights, and to connect people to these goals. The newsletter contains many links to interesting research, articles and case studies on creating child-friendly cities. It’s of particular interest to parents and anyone interested in environmental education. Sign up for Child in the City.

Climate 202 – The Washington Post’s environmental newsletter. Sign up for Climate 202.

Climatebase Weekly – Weekly report on important climate news, followed by the latest job listings for those interested in careers in climate. Sign up for Climatebase.

Climate Forward- One of the NY Times newsletters and my favorite on climate change, with all kinds of environmental news. It’s exclusive to NY Times subscribers, but well worth subscribing to! Sign up for Climate Forward.

Climate Signals- Climate Signals is a nonprofit, nonpartisan project of Climate Nexus that curates and explains the science behind climate change impact stories. Super interesting! Sign up for Climate Signals.  

Climate Tech VC – Focuses on clean energy news and what’s happening in the market. Lots of links to related events and jobs. Sign up for Climate Tech VC

Down to Earth – The Guardian’s weekly newsletter on environment stories. I love the Climate Jargon and the Climate Heroes section – so inspiring! Sign up for Down to Earth.

EcoWatch – Daily newsletter with the top environmental news of the day. Sign up for EcoWatch.

Energy News Network – Daily roundup of the most important energy news in the United States. Sign up for ENN’s daily digest.

Environmental News Network (ENN) – Founded more than 20 years ago, ENN is one of the oldest sources of online environmental news. The daily or weekly newsletters always contain lots of interesting content about climate, ecosystems, energy, wildlife, and more – I especially like the information about new studies and findings. Sign up for Environmental News Network.  

Gen Dread – A newsletter about staying sane in the climate and ecological crisis, by Britt Wray, author of Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis. Sign up for Gen Dread.

Green Beat – EnviroCentre’s weekly digest of environmental things to read, watch, listen and do. Sign up for Green Beat.

Hot News – Another newsletter from Climate Nexus, featuring the day’s top climate and energy news and views. Sign up for Hot News

Inside Climate News – A summary of the most pressing climate-related news, released every Tuesday and Friday. Sign up for Inside Climate News.

Living Green – A monthly newsletter from the David Suzuki Foundation. This isn’t really about environmental news, but tips and resources for sustainable living – I like it a lot! Sign up for Living Green. 

Next City – A very cool newsletter about the leaders, policies and innovations driving solutions in cities. Sign up for Next City.

Planet Days- This independent newsletter by Brandon Pyke and Samantha Liptak provides a summary of the latest climate news and analysis on some of the issues each week. Sign up for Planet Days

Protocol Climate – Every Tuesday and Thursday, the climate newsletter provides information on how tech is tackling climate change and reckoning with its own impact on the planet. Sign up for Protocol Climate.

Resilience – A daily inspiring roundup of articles, reports and analysis on energy, economy, environment, food & water and society. Sign up for Resilience.

Sustainability Briefing – A weekly briefing on fashion and sustainability, interesting for anyone who wants to know how their clothes affect climate change, understand how fashion companies greenwash their marketing, and learn about possible alternatives.  Sign up for Sustainability Briefing.

The Beacon – The Grist’s “daily dose of good climate news” – I just signed up for this, but apparently there’s enough good climate news for a daily roundup. Sign up for The Beacon.

The Big Story- ProPublica’s newsletter with the big stories of the week, many on the environment and climate crisis. Sign up for The Big Story and other ProPublica newsletters

The Climate Barometer – Monthly newsletter from about climate science and what living on a changing planet will mean. Sign up for The Climate Barometer and other CTV newsletters.

The Daily – Roundup of the latest news from Grist, a nonprofit, independent media organization dedicated to sharing stories about climate solutions and a just future. Sign up for The Daily.

The Green Fix –  I admit that I only skim some of the newsletters in this list for interesting content, but The Green Fix is one that I read from top to bottom. The author, Cass Hebron, is such a talented writer, and I relate to pretty much everything she writes. I highly recommend it! Sign up for The Green Fix.

The Narwhal- Weekly newsletter with the most important stories from The Narwhal, one of the best independent environmental media in Canada. Sign up for The Narwhal newsletter.

The Tyee – The Tyee is an independent online news magazine based in B.C. that publishes daily, weekly and monthly newsletters with its excellent solutions-based reporting. Sign up for The Tyee newsletters.

The Xylom – I really love this monthly newsletter! Founded in Atlanta and Hong Kong in 2018, The Xylom is a student-run nonprofit that publishes science news, personal essays, and stories from diverse writers from 25 countries and regions. Their website is awesome too! Sign up for The Xylom.  

Treehugger – One of my favourite newsletters of all, with lots sustainability stories and green living inspiration. Sign up for Treehugger.

What on Earth?- CBC News’ newsletter on all things environmental. Each week, there’s an in-depth look at a topic, as well as trends and solutions for a more sustainable world. Sign up for What on Earth?.

Yale Climate Connections – One of my favorite environmental newsletters and information sources. It’s published weekly by The Yale Center for Environmental Communication. Sign up for Yale Climate Connections.

Zero Carbon- Weekly newsletter by Chris Hatch, National Observer’s climate correspondent, summarizing and analyzing news, ideas, politics and culture to understand what’s working in the race against climate change. Sign up for Zero Carbon.

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